General Test Fees – Computer-Based and Paper-Based Testing

$130 U.S., U.S. Territories*, and Puerto Rico
$175 China (including Hong Kong), Korea, and Taiwan. See Bulletin Supplement (PDF).
$160 All Other Locations
$ 40 Rescheduling Fee
$ 35 Standby Testing (paper-based test only)

Fee Waiver Program
The GRE Program makes available a limited number of GRE fee waivers for college seniors and
unenrolled college graduates who meet eligibility requirements. Fee waivers may be used for
one General Test and/or one Subject Test.

To be eligible, you must be:

To apply for a GRE fee waiver:

Contact your financial aid office to see if you qualify.
Once your eligibility is established, the financial aid office will issue you a fee waiver and a
copy of your ISIR.
You must register by mail using either the computer-based or paper-based registration materials.
If you are registering for more than one test, all registration materials must be received together
with the fee waiver and ISIR or your registration form will be returned to you unprocessed.
Letter requests, photocopies, and faxes of fee waivers will not be accepted.
Fee waivers are not retroactive and they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
What Is the fee for GRE and what is fee waiver program?