Cost of study in Australia

Funding and Scholarships for study in Australia
Cost of study in Australia:

Tuition fee depends on the course and the university you select. International students have to pay the tuition fee
up-front. Some universities can make additional charges for library, sports facilities etc. You definitely should
check the universities website for finding tuition fee. An average range is provided here to give you an idea of
tuition fee:        

Total cost of study varies depending on the university, city you live in and type of accommodation you choose. If
you have friends or relatives in that locality, get information about community and living cost from them also.

Scholarships in Australia

Apart from self financing to your studies, other sources of funding can be categorized in:
a)        Australian Scholarships and
b)        Other sources of funding (like scholarships offered by Governments, Rotary International, World Bank,  
World Health Organization, Asian Development Bank, United Nations, Rockefeller Foundation and other

Australian Scholarships:

As Australia is one of the most popular destinations of higher studies, you can easily imagine that there would be
intense competition for scholarships offered to international students. Most of the scholarships are offered for
universities and for postgraduate studies in particular and are offered by the Australian government, educational
institutions and other organizations. International students can apply for these scholarships.
[No government scholarship is offered for international students, undertaking English language training that too in
Australia. But several English language training scholarships offered by Australian institutions are open for
international students and usually it depends on individual institution].

To get most accurate and reliable information, you can
search for the scholarships offered by Australian
government, education institutes and other organization
by using .

Or you can directly look for scholarships using .

These sites provide all relevant information like eligibility criteria, when and how to apply etc.
You can also
download fact sheet using the link

Other sources of funding: There are many international and charitable organizations that offer scholarships for
international study. Organizations like Rotary International, World Bank, World Health Organization, Asian
Development Bank, United Nations, Rockefeller Foundation are few to name. You can find details of these
scholarships in the “Association of Commonwealth Universities” website.

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Avg. tuition fee per year
Graduate Certificates
Graduate Diplomas
6 months to 1 year
$A9,000 to 16,000
Masters degrees

Doctoral degrees
1 to 2 years

3 to 4 years
$A11,000 to 18,500