Higher studies in Germany
Germany is one of developed countries in the World and is more popularly known for its
industrial development in the public. Germany has a long tradition in education, science and
research. The history of many higher education institutions extends back over many centuries.
349 higher education institutions are located throughout Germany (as per 2001).
Higher Education Institutes in Germany are varied from universities and university-status
institutions, such as to internationally-renowned Technical Universities, or the practice-focused
universities of applied sciences (Polytechnic kind of colleges which will emphasize on technical
training, Fachhochschule) or the colleges of art, music and film.
One of the most important factors for Educating in Germany is Cost involved in it, Unlike United
States of America, Australia or United Kingdom, education is Germany is inexpensive. Some
Universities offer free Education as well. Like many other European Countries Germany offers
higher Education in English medium as well.
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