Finding right information for education in Germany.
Choosing a right institution for higher studies in Germany
Information for Higher Education can be obtained from many websites, however I would recommend (The German Academic Exchange Service) which is an official website for higher
Education in Germany, This Website is the gateway to German higher education. The Website is in
couple of languages so look for English language.

Also I would recommend you to go for higher educational consultancies in your locality and get some

Other Web Sites, which gives you good Information about Germany and higher education in Germany,
are: :  Federal Ministry of educational and research, official web site. This site gives you
information on Germany educational policies, its current Activities, Budget for Education and its Aim
and Objectivities. This Web site is mainly in German Language However you will find most of the
information in English as well. : This website provides very good information on Studying in Germany for
foreigners; the website is built in English, French, Spanish, etc. : German Education Server (The Deutscher Bildungsserver) is the focal internet
guide to education related information on the internet. It provides fundamental and high quality
information on internet resources to all those concerned - thus offering quick, up-to-date, concise and
free access to information. German Education Server is a joint service by the federal government and
the states. :  ‘‘A consultation service for interested international students’’ :
This Website helps International Students to evaluate themselves and find out the requirements for
undertaking technical studies at the TU9 Universities. TU9 is an association of nine Technical
Universities in Germany :  The manual, which can be downloaded in
several languages, intends to inform immigrants on all aspects of general and current affairs in
Germany. It addresses geography and culture, politics and law, social security, employment, and
everyday life. German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish are some of the languages
in which manual can be downloaded.

You can also find information from DAAD offices and Goethe Institutes in your home country.

Last but not least, you can email us with required information. We will try to get back with your query.