Cost of study in India
Scholarships and funding for study in India
The cost of higher education in India is supported by the central and state government sector and by
the nongovernmental sector (including student/parents and the rest of the community). High quality
education is offered to all eligible Indian students at a very low cost in the government run institutions.
When study cost is compared to other countries, you can say it is almost free. However private
institutions charge tuition and other fees depending on the course of study. Remember that the fee
structure for international students is different and is explained under DASA scheme.

For Indian students, total cost of study may very considerably. It depends on type of institution
(private or public / government run), course of study (Management, Engineering, Medicine, Arts etc),
city where institution is located and the duration of the course.

As an estimate, cost for master’s degree in management may range from few thousand (in
government run institutions) to as much as 25 lacs (in private institutions) Indian rupees.
Private aided colleges are required to admit 50 percent of their students based on their performance
on entrance exams (free seats). These students are not required to pay any extra fees or tuition. The
other 50 percent of students are admitted based on their willingness to pay extra tuition (payment
seats). Unaided private colleges set their own fee levels (below a government-set ceiling) that are
generally extremely high in comparison to the aided private colleges and government colleges.
You are advised to check the fee structure of the institution to ensure the total cost.

Fee structure for international students

Admission of foreign students into Indian institutions for graduate and post graduate courses is
covered under DASA scheme.    A registration fee of US $ 350 is required to be paid along with the
application form.   Tuition Fee of US $ 4000 per annum is charged. The tuition fee does not include
hostel accommodation & other miscellaneous fees.  Expenses for these will be in the range of US $
300 - 400 Per Annum.

For complete details pl visit Ed CIL website