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Study in the United States - An overview:

Study In USA
Why higher
study in USA
Here you get complete Details on education system in United states,List of recognized universities in USA, Courses, eligibility requirements, scholarships, student visa for study in United states.
Also find things like what factors to consider when selecting an institution  and how to choose right college for study in USA?
American education means excellence by choice. USA is the only country where a person works by choice, studies by choice and not by compulsion. We invite you to explore your options for higher study in the land of opportunities. You ask any of your friends or seniors about their experience in USA as student, we are sure their reply will be ?it is the most exciting and rewarding time of life, filled with enriching experience in a world class campus?.
Students from every corner of the world come to study in United States simply because USA education prepares them for and promises a bright future. The fact that the number of international students in United States is more than any other country in the world is proof of its quality education system and a liberal society. As an estimate foreign students comprise approximately 4% of the total undergraduate USA college population and 10% for graduate school. Don?t be surprised to know that international students in the United states contribute more than $11 billion to the American economy. There are more than 1700 universities and other institutions offering different options for studies. There are both types of institutions, public and private.
In the USA education system the term ?Graduate education? is used for studies undertaken after completion of bachelor?s degree. So if you are searching websites, don?t be confused.
To enter into master?s or doctorate programs, you should have an equivalent bachelor degree from your home country.        
To quickly understand different levels of education in USA, pl look to the diagram below (sourced from US Department of Education website)
Courses and
colleges in USA
Eligibility and
admission process
Choosing right
Cost, scholarships
and grants
21 steps for admission into USA
Student visa for USA
Links to official /
useful sites
education system in USA

Higher study in the United States:


The higher education system in USA is characterized by accessibility, diversity, and autonomy and is known for both its size and quality. The federal government has no jurisdiction or authority over the recognition of educational institutions, members of the academic professions, programmes or curricula, or degrees or other qualifications. Nearly all postsecondary institutions are licensed in USA, or chartered, by a state or municipal government to operate under the ownership of either a
government (if public) or a private corporation (if independent), and may be for-profit or not-for-profit enterprises.
Religious institutions are considered independent, or private. Quality assurance is achieved via state requirements, voluntary accreditation, and the reputation of institutions and among their academic peers and employers of graduates.
Accreditation is a self-regulating process of quality control engaged in by the U.S. postsecondary education community to ensure minimum standards of academic capability, administrative competence, and to promote mutual recognition of
qualifications within the system. Six (6) regional accreditation associations set minimum standards for institutions chartered in the states of their respective jurisdictions. In addition,  other recognized accrediting associations set and regulate minimum standards for individual subjects or related subjects, particularly in professional fields, and for specialized institutions.
The page 'Why higher study in USA?' tells you distingusihing features of study in united states.
The 'Courses and Colleges in USA' will help you in finding right information for selecting institution for study in United States.
The page '21 steps for admission into USA' tries you to give step-by-step procedure, starting from preparation for GRE to getting into United States.
There are some links to other official sites, that will help you to get information from direct sources related to study in USA.