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21 steps for admission in US universities and colleges.
Admission process and schedules.

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For getting admission into a good university for postgraduate studies in USA requires thorough preparations and planning. The information given here will give you a good idea on the steps involved in preparing and applying for American universities. Remember that the whole process takes 12 to 18 months. Most of the time students start the application process usually when they are two to three semesters left in the graduation or even before that.

The general steps involved are outlined here.

          Activities 18 months before expected beginning of your studies in USA:

1.       Preparing for exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL. Qualifying with good marks in these exams increases your chances of admission in good universities. Most of the students plan to appear in these exams so that when they complete their graduation, they also have scores from these exams. Generally you should register 18 months in advance and start preparing for these exams before your graduation.

2.       At the same time, donít forget that good grades in your bachelor programs will count heavily in your admission process. So prepare well in your course of studies.

3.       Deciding the course of studies based on background, career objectives and future plan. Developing a short list of courses.

4.       Short listing the universities based on the course of study. Making further research / getting info on these institutions. Than decide where to apply. Keep yourself ready with all the documents you will need when applying. When short listing the colleges you are interested, select 2 / 3 colleges you are interested but may be difficult to get into. 2/3 colleges where you may have high probability of admission. 2/3 colleges may not be of your choice but where you can get admission easily based on your qualifications.


Take TOEFL and other exams around 15 months in advance:

5.   Take TOEFL and other exams 15 months before your graduation. This will give an opportunity to improve your score if required. Remember that most of the universities require you to take the exams before December.


          Request information and application forms around 12 months in advance:

          6.  Around this time you should start gathering information and application form from the institutes you

                have short listed. You may write a letter to colleges or request application form from their official

                websites.  Make sure to send enquiry with complete address and zip code. In your enquiry or request

                make sure to enter pertinent details that help admission officer to judge whether application at a

                particular level of study is suitable for you and to indicate your chances for admission.

          7.  If your TOEFL and GRE (also any other exams) scores are not good, you may register again for

                these tests and try to improve your score.



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           Get transcripts and letter of recommendations:

        9.    Try and get your transcripts. Also start arranging other documents that the institution may need when

               you send your application.
        10.  Arrange for letter of recommendation from your teachers and principal. Usually, the letter of  

              recommendation specifically tells about your academic achievements and potential accomplishments 

               as student and future scholar.

        Completing and returning the applications usually happens between 11 and 10 months in advance:

        11.   Institution you are applying will require certified copies of your transcripts. So request and follow up with

               your school to send transcripts in time.
        12.   If you have not received application form from the institute you applied for, it will be right time to send a

               request letter again. Carefully go through the application form, note down the application deadlines.   

               Keep in mind to allow some buffer for postal delays.
        13.   Follow the process and arrange to send letter of recommendations. Some universities send 

                recommendation form with application.
        14.   When filling application form, be neat and clean. Unless specified to fill the application from by hand, it 

                is  advisable to use type writer or similar options to fill in the forms. Provide full names of schools,

                colleges and avoid using abbreviations.

        Statement of purpose:

        15.    As part of application process for graduate program almost all institutions ask for a personal statement

                or statement of purpose. It is an important part of the application and gives you an opportunity to

                distinguish yourself from other applicants. Your goal should be to write a clear, concise, and 

                persuasive statement that sincerely reflects your views and aspirations.

         Financial statement:

         16.   The application packets you receive from institutions also include a form called Affidavit of Financial 

                 support (depends on institutions, but most of them send this form). Fill it carefully and get signed from

                 bank and other financiers.

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