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21 steps for admission into US universities.
Admission process and schedules.

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Submit your application:

17.    Most of the institutions charge a non refundable application processing fee. Make sure to check the current

         application fee from institutionís website / application form and to send in correct mode of payment. If

         someone is paying for you in US, send the application form to him and ask to submit it with the required

         application fee.  
18.    Make sure to keep a photocopy of all these documents.
19.    If required universities / colleges may ask you for some more information or to resubmit again. You should

        promptly act on such requests.

Response from universities, acceptance and visa application:

20.    You can expect hearing back from universities after 4 months of submitting your application. If you have

        applied for semester beginning in September, expect to get response by mid-April of that year. Contact the

        admission office of the institution if you do not receive response in the expected time frame. If you have been

        accepted and have offer from many institutions, choose one of them that best suits you. Send a letter of

        acceptance to that institution. Request the institution for I-20 form also called certificate of eligibility. This

        form is required for applying student visa.
21.    Now you will have three to four months in your hand to apply for visa and making travel arrangements.

        Contact your nearest U.S. Educational information or advising center to let them know that you have been

        accepted to a U.S. institution. Apply to U.S. Embassy or consulate for a visa upon receipt of I-20. After you

        get your visa stamped, contact the International Student Office at your university with details of your arrival

        plans. Most of the universities conduct orientation plan. Try to make your travel arrangements to reach before

        due date. Reaching before due registration date gives you opportunity for networking and meeting your


For more detailed information we suggest you to visit website. From there you can get details on visa types, when and where to apply, financial statement, statement of purpose etc.

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